Gay Marriage + Magnets = Scientific Breakthrough??

According to this article, a Nigerian grad student disproved gay marriage by using the idea that magnets of opposite poles are attracted to each other while poles at the same end repel one another. Opposite poles equal a man and a woman, same poles equal a man and a man or a woman and a woman. That’s great. Just great.

And motherfuckingly stupid.

To be honest, I have never understood why a lot of people are against gay marriage. First of all, are they the ones who are going to be tied to persons of the same gender? NO. It’s actually other people. Who they might not even know personally. Whose lives are beyond their reach and yet there goes those antis, saying bullshit about the Bible and the importance of family etc. etc. blah blah ignorant blah. Are those homosexuals going to cause a nuclear war when they get married? Will they go to a school hand-in-hand and machine gun everyone in sight for their honeymoon? Will they perform a Satanic ritual when they adopt their first kid? Still a solid NO.


True love is loving what you can’t see. That’s the personality of the person, his/her soul, intelligence, sense of humor, quirks, strengths, weaknesses. Note that I did not mention genitals. Or the reproductive system. Because it doesn’t fucking matter.

“Gays can’t have children of their own.” Yeah, but they can certainly adopt one or two of the millions of children whose heterosexual parents abandoned them. “Homosexuality is an abomination! It says so in the Bible!” You know what’s another abomination according to that best-seller? Shrimp. And lobsters, crabs, and mussels. So if you eat shrimp, you will be swallowed by the fires of hell for the rest of eternity, too, you son of a bitch. “Homosexuals spread disease!” Like heterosexuals don’t? “There’s no loyalty in homosexual relationships!” My father cheated on my mother after 20 years of marriage. They’re certainly not homosexuals (more of homophobic, unfortunately). Every relationship is bound to get rocky at some point, but the genders of the couple don’t even go into play there. What, will a couple fight because of the similarity of their dicks/vaginas? Psh. Spare me the bullshit. Please.

People will really go to great lengths just to “prove” that gay marriage is “wrong.” Heterosexuality, to me, is just another majority vote. Sure, more people are into it, but it doesn’t make it superior or of greater moral value or natural. Sexuality is far more complicated than what we make it to be and we have to leave it at that. You don’t see other animals making a fuss about it, right? I mean homosexual behavior can be observed in the wild, and though others may say, “That’s their way of showing domination,” or “They’re animals so they don’t know that homosexuality is wrong,” the thing is, we’re animals, too. We keep forgetting that. We are no different from them. If Mother Nature and the rest of her children don’t make picket signs and protest against homosexuality, spatting the same nonsense like broken records, why the hell are we? There are bigger problems to address in this world such as poverty, the oppression of women, corruption, and discrimination in every form. Gay marriage is a no-brainer. Sexuality is a no-brainer. Let’s stop wasting precious time, effort, and knowledge over those things and start solving real problems that will contribute to the further development and improvement of our society.


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