I’m in My 20s So Sue Me

I'm in My 20s So Sue Me

I had four of my stuffed toys washed because they were starting to look like the possessions of a street beggar. Now they smell like laundry soap. I don’t have them for no reason. They each have sentimental value. Sort of.

The brown bear is from a friend. I was supposed to give it to someone else for Christmas because I totally forgot about exchanging gifts but I felt guilty about it. You can’t give away things that have been given to you because it’s just plain rude. Then again, I sold a CD that another friend gave me for Christmas. Um.

The small pink one is a toy from one of them crane machines at an arcade. It took me four tries to get it. I named it after someone I liked at that time (who I still like up to now…I think…). A friend of mine and I took photos of it because it was so cute and since we used her camera, she stored the photos on her computer under a folder with the doll’s name on it. By accident, or a seriously fucked up swish of fate, the person I liked saw it. My friend made up some excuse I can no longer remember but I’m sure my crush figured it out somehow. Shit. I tied a voodoo doll-like thing I bought at a market to it to add an element of rock and roll. Too much cuteness kills.

For the life of me I can’t remember where I got the monkey doll. I think someone bought it for me? My brain is so weak. But I love monkeys. It’s a Kpop thing you would probably not understand. Clue: Super Junior.

The blind pink bear was given to me by my mom. It came with a sofa she and dad bought (weird, I know) and, having just two other sons, she decided I should have it. I was already a teenager at that time if you’d like to know. The bear was poorly made so one eye came off pretty easily and I removed the other one to end the bear’s misery. When I was in Korea as a foreign exchange student for ten months, I took the pink bear with me, thinking of it as representative of my mom. But don’t tell her that. She might think I’m a cheeseball.

If you have a cherished toy, too (not for sexy time purposes, though), do tell me about it. Toys are awesome! And they won’t break your heart! Or tell you you’re ugly! Or demand stuff from you! Or make you feel incompetent!


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