Of Boybands, Muscles, and Friendly Fats

I was able to set a personal record today: 52 minutes on the elliptical! And that was after the 20-minute 30 day shred workout! Normally I wouldn’t last on that machine for that long because steady state cardio bores me even more than classical music (contrary to popular belief, not everyone enjoys it, and I’m a prime example) does, but I did something to keep me sane.

I jammed to boyband songs.

Backstreet Boys, N Sync, One Direction, Super Junior, Beast, and BTOB were my workout buddies for 52 minutes and boy did they keep me motivated. (Those last three ones are Kpop boybands, by the way.) I put all their energetic songs in a playlist and blasted away, singing along and even dancing a little just so I don’t have to think about the time passing by and the burning sensation in my muscles. I felt like stopping a few times but as soon as one song ended and another upbeat tune began, I felt like moving again. It was, to say the least, a heck of a lot of fun, and I’ll make sure to keep it up from now on.

Time for a bit of an update. The soreness in my upper arms hasn’t gone away; in fact, the pain has spread down to the upper half of my forearms. I haven’t had a rest day since I started exercising again three days ago because, well, I thought of how cavemen had to exercise everyday hunting, walking from place to place, lifting rocks and wood or whatever, and I figured that if they could do it day to day for survival, why in the world can’t I? It’s a bit stupid, I know, but it has a bit of sense to it, right? Right? Also, I noticed that my arms only hurt like hell and damnation whenever I’m not exercising. Take right now. I’m typing this, resting my body before I take a shower, and my arms are back to being stiff little shits. I can’t straighten them at all–it hurts like a hundred bitches–and this doesn’t go away even when I’m sleeping. Is this normal or did I unknowingly tear my muscles?

Well, even if it was the latter, it’s not like I’m going to do anything about it. In our family, people don’t go to the doctor. You’re sick? Take some medicine. Drink lots of water. Sleep, for fuck’s sake. You feel nauseous? Go to the bathroom and stay there, or take this frickin’ bowl with you to bed. True story: I spent a week in agony, still going to school and all, thinking that I just had a terrible stomachache or diarrhea, when in fact my appendix had blown to bits. I was being poisoned for seven fucking days yet my mother did not think it was anything serious. Sunday came around, I woke up wailing because the pain was beyond excruciating, and when they took me to the emergency room, lo and behold, they found out I had appendicitis. Or rather, I had had appendicitis; the thing that remained in my body was a swollen, rotting piece of flesh that, by some sort of miracle, ended up being surrounded by my fats. That was the only reason I didn’t die. There’s a lesson to be had here: Fat is your friend.

Okay, I need to freshen up my stinky self. Before I go, hello to my new followers! I have no idea how you guys even found me. This is weird. Anyway, have a nice day!


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