Work It!

I told mom about my plan to go back to university to get a second degree in Nutrition and she was alright with it. Of course, I think she did not protest too much only because I told her that I also plan on working for a year to be able to fund my education. I’ve calculated my tuition fees for the three, four years and it came down to $2,322 which covers 100 units (it’s supposed to be 156 units but I took away some of the General Education subjects since I’ve finished them). Although I’m pretty sure that I can save that much money in a year, I still have to think about miscellaneous fees, random expenses (projects, field trips, books, etc.), and allowance. Now, mom is helping me look for a job, any job, so that I can start making money as soon as possible. I feel quite pressured but when I think about getting that degree and finally doing something I have so much passion for, I feel better. And more determined.

I’m hoping to get hired by the Embassy of Japan as a member of their local staff. Though I have no idea how much the salary is, before my obsession with Korea, I had a great love affair with Japan. I still love that country and its culture but I think I might have to brush up on my Japanese language skills (I was already an intermediate learner back in 2009 but when I had to learn Korean, I ended up forgetting 60% of what I’d learned in Japanese which is totally pathetic, yes?). Oh, and I have to write an essay of not more than 400 words explaining which aspect of Japanese culture or society I’m most interested in. Not gonna give my answer here but I will be typing up my piece soon. If I’m not mistaken, one of my close friends has worked for the Embassy of Japan, most likely with the same position. She’s definitely more qualified, though, because she was an exchange student in Japan for a year thus she could speak Japanese really well. If I don’t get the local staff job, I’ll have to apply for a call center job. There are a lot of graphic designer openings, sure, but I’m more of an illustrator and that job is pretty hard to chance upon.

If only someone could fund my studies then I wouldn’t have a problem. Then again, maybe this is just life telling me to shut the fuck up and start working hard for something that I really want.


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