The Sandman Hates Me

Right now, I want to sleep. I’ve been yawning like crazy and my eyes are already drooping. However, I know this is just another trick that my body’s playing on me. This has been going on for a couple of weeks or so but whenever I go to bed, I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep. The longest that it took me to sleep was four hours–four fucking hours! Although I’ve done my research, none of the common sleep disorders match my case. I’m living a very healthy lifestyle. I have nothing to be stressed about. I don’t drink anything caffeinated at night. I go to bed not full but also not hungry. And, most importantly, no matter what time I sleep, I get up at eight in the morning feeling refreshed. This totally doesn’t make sense!

You might say that I don’t have a problem because I can still wake up properly, but the point is, it seems that the Sandman has stopped visiting me. Or I’ve simply forgotten how to sleep. The stranger thing is that whenever I take my afternoon nap, I fall asleep just fine. I don’t know what to do anymore. Got any advice for me? :\